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Motivate yourself for home workouts in 2021

Motivate yourself for home workouts in 2021



It’s that time of year again and the ‘New Year, New You’ mantra is ringing in our ears. The mince pies, Baileys and Stilton are weighing heavily on the hips and the UK is under Lockdown. Fear not, we have been here before, albeit with sunnier skies, last March. We can get through this, back in the swing and motivated to work out at home. But where do we start?


Here is a simple ‘Roger Black Fitness Guide to Motivating Yourself to Workout at Home – WORKINOUT’

W         Wish list – commit to a list of goals, in writing, on your phone or on a board

Your fitness goals don’t need to be extravagant or ground-breaking. Ignore the noise and photos on Instagram and create your own reality – one that is personalised to you.

O         Organise your day to make space for some form of exercise

Some people prefer to work out in the morning and others later on in the day. Make sure you make time for you that doesn’t conflict with work, home schooling and family obligations.

R         Reconfigure an area in your home that is dedicated to working out

If you are doing remote classes or intending to buy some fitness equipment, you need space and an area that is safe and ideally away from small children, pets and interruptions.

K         Kit yourself out in the right clothing for the right exercise

You don’t need to be on-brand, decked out in Lycra but you do need to be comfortable and wearing the right clothes to minimise sweating, chaffing or pain.

I           Invest in some low-cost, functional home fitness equipment – large and/or small

Consider what you enjoy, the space/budget available and whether you want to just get the heart rate up or if you want to tone up your arms or legs more.

N         Need a buddy? Find a family member or online training partner to motivate you

It is proven fact that being accountable is a great motivator for us so why not buddy up with a family member or friend, either in person in your home or remotely to help one another.

O         Order more healthy food and ensure that the people you live with are supportive

Diet is a critical part of any health and wellness regime and should be incorporated into your new lifestyle, even if you are simply eating more fresh fruit and vegetables every day.

U         Understand and accept that some days you may be pushed for time so just re-group

Life can sometimes overwhelm us, and we don’t always feel on top form through stress. Don’t beat yourself up if you skip a session. Just start up again the following day.

T          Turn up again the next day and the next – just keep going!

Every day is New Year’s Day, right? Just pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get back on your bike or lifting those dumbells. Having an off day is quite normal and ‘human’.


So what type of activities can you do at home to increase your fitness and wellbeing?

According to the founder of Roger Black Fitness, Roger Black:

“Fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. For me personally, I run every day, just a 30-minute jog, walk the dogs and pedal on a Roger Black bike, nothing like my Olympian days. I don’t use dumbells or kettlebells but I know lots of people who do. They are fantastic for toning muscle and burning calories. Yoga and pilates are great support mechanisms for people of all ages, particularly for those with injuries or who just want to maintain flexibility as they get older. Choose the home fitness equipment and programme that is right for you”.


The Roger Black Fitness online shop offers a complementary range of large and small fitness equipment, ranging from folding and static bikes and treadmills to newly launched dumbells and kettlebells. If you already own a Roger Black bike, treadmill, rower or cross trainer, why not diversify your home workout with a yoga mat for stretching or some kettlebells?


Make sure that the products you buy reflect how you live – ask yourself the following questions before ordering home fitness equipment:

1.How much space do I have?

2.Am I starting my fitness journey from scratch or am I enhancing my existing routine?

3.How often will I be exercising?

4.Am I exercising alone or with a friend, loved one or fitness buddy?

All the above can impact upon what you buy and how you use your new home workout equipment.


This is a question that is often debated online. For most of us, we should simply find a time to exercise that fits in with our schedule, taking into account other work, home and family obligations. Ask yourself the following questions before setting a schedule:

1.Am I a night owl or a morning lark?

2.What time do I start work?

3.When am I responsible for the school run?

4.How much time do I have to exercise on a daily basis?

5.Do I feel lethargic in the morning?

By writing down answers to the above questions, you are creating a general overview of what might work for you (or what times are best ruled out), without putting too much pressure on yourself or your normal routine.


Consistency is key, regardless of the path you choose and simply stay active. In terms of what you eat, try and maintain a healthy and balanced diet but life would be pretty dull without the occasional glass or wine or chocolate treat. Be realistic with your goals and enjoy what you do, either on your own or with a training buddy. Working out and fitness is not supposed to be a chore and a dreaded part of the day. The Roger Black Fitness mantra is about designing a fitness programme and lifestyle that suits you. Clearly, this can change and evolve over time but you have to start somewhere, right?

>>Check List

When exercising, make sure you:

  • Have checked with your GP or physio when starting something new
  • Are wearing the right clothes (and shoes, if needed)
  • Are using safe, stable and clean home fitness equipment
  • Have created a non-slip flat surface to work out
  • Are hydrated and have fresh water nearby
  • Haven’t recently eaten a big meal
  • Have a towel and sweatshirt or jacket, as needed
  • Have charged up your phone or device for entertainment or inspiration
  • Are enjoying your programme – if not, Google alternatives or ask friends
  • Work out with a buddy or loved one if you don’t like exercising alone
  • Make yourself accountable – only you can create the best possible version of you
  • Have a wall chart of diary of when you exercise during each week
  • Aren’t a slave to the scales – how you feel in clothes and in your mind are key
  • Log progress, whether it is inches off your waist or a lower pulse
  • Give yourself a day off when you are tired or unwell
  • Use exercise as just one aspect of becoming the best version of you possible
  • Write down or log your progress and mix up your routine to keep motivated
  • Haven’t left anything in the oven to burn while you work out!

Bottom line, any exercise programme should be enjoyable and specific to you. Only you know your body and your limitations so don’t be fearful of the crowd or everything you see online or on social media. We look forward to helping you to achieve your health and wellness goals this year and beyond!