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New research reveals that over four million Brits won’t maintain their exercise regime after being vaccinated

New research reveals that over four million Brits won’t maintain their exercise regime after being vaccinated

-New research reveals that over four million Brits won’t maintain their exercise regime after being vaccinated-

As the nation anticipates hugging and human contact after 17th May 2021, post-Lockdown, Roger Black MBE, retired British Olympic runner and entrepreneur, launches his first online home fitness shop (www.rogerblackfitness.com) and encourages us to pay attention to our health and wellness, particularly Baby Boomers, even after we have all been vaccinated.

Commenting on the launch of the UK’s first Roger Black Fitness home fitness equipment shop, Roger said: 

“I am really excited and motivated to be launching my first online shop at such a pivotal time in UK history. The Roger Black Fitness brand, formerly under licence for 14 years with a high street brand, is taking me back full circle to my fitness roots and is borne out of my passion to keep British people moving and healthy. 

“Recent research by FTI Consulting revealed that just over four million Brits are claiming they will not maintain their fitness regime after receiving a COVID-19 vaccination. Of greater concern, almost a quarter (24%) of the vulnerable Baby Boomers (ages 60+ years old) also claim their fitness levels are worse now compared to the beginning of the pandemic and they’re even admitting that their energy levels and quality of life are the two things they’re jeopardising. As a 55-year-old man with a lifelong heart condition, I am a bit shocked by this statistic, particularly after living through a year plus long pandemic. 

“This research also highlights the predicament Baby Boomers are facing, with eight out of 10 of them (80%) claiming to be either scared or nervous of visiting gyms once restrictions are lifted. I am keen to speak out and encourage my fellow Brits to keep exercising, whether this means 20 minutes on an exercise bike at home, a walk or jog in the park or on a treadmill. Roger Black Fitness offers ‘Home fitness for every body’ in an inclusive way, even if you have never exercised before or live in a home with limited indoor or outside space,” added Roger.

The www.rogerblackfitness.com online shop will be selling a range of home fitness equipment directly to the public, with lead-in prices for a folding exercise bike starting at £159.00 plus delivery (UK only)*. A product reference sheet is attached.

The Roger Black Fitness launch range comprises both static and folding home fitness equipment, as follows: 

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Folding Range

Roger Black Fitness Folding Bike – £159.00

Roger Black Easy Fold Treadmill - £399.00


Static Range

Roger Black Air Rower - £349.00

Roger Black Gold Bike - £299.00

Roger Black Gold Treadmill - £499.00

Roger Black Gold Cross Trainer - £349.00

*See website for Terms & Conditions of carriage and delivery charges. Standard delivery is £15.00 per product.

 For more information and regular fitness and health updates, please visit www.rogerblackfitness.com and register contact details.

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Editor’s Notes:

About Roger Black MBE

One could say that Roger Black, who was born in 1966, started running before he even came into this world. Born 32 minutes before his twin sister, Roger was often one pace ahead of the rest. Roger attended Portsmouth Grammar School, was a good student and aspired to be a doctor, like his father.

Whilst Roger enjoyed sport as a young lad, he never thought he would build a career out of it, particularly when he found out, aged just 11, that he had a leaking heart valve, a condition that has stayed with him to this day.

Sport became increasingly important to Roger over the years and, whilst he never joined a club or trained seriously as a teenager, it was when he failed to gain a place at Medical School after messing up his Maths ‘A’ Level, that he joined Southampton Athletics Club to train with Olympians Kriss Akabusi and Todd Bennett. The rest, as they say, is Olympic and Great British History.

Roger went on to become the European Junior 400m Champion in 1985, retook his Maths ‘A’ Level, and pursued a degree in Medicine at Southampton University. After his first term though, Roger realised he wasn’t destined to wear a white lab coat and that the running track was calling.

Roger says of himself that he always gave 100% and wasn’t overly competitive. Yet, aged 19, and now as one of Britain’s best 400m runners, athletics became his passion.

In 1986, Roger became the Commonwealth and European 400m Champion and, despite suffering many injuries and setbacks throughout his career, finally achieved his dream of standing on the Olympic rostrum winning the 400m silver medal behind the great Michael Johnson in Atlanta in 1996. 

Another highlight of Roger’s sporting career was being part of the legendary 1991 World Championships’ 4 x 400m relay in Tokyo with fellow team-mates Kriss Akabusi, John Regis and Derek Redmond. These spirited GB runners took a gamble by sending Roger out first. They were up against the dominant US and knew they had to pull out all the stops to win. And win they did, through the best of British teamwork.

Having retired from athletics in 1998, Roger has become a popular speaker and television personality and owner of Roger Black Fitness. He has built up a respected training and performance business BackleyBlack with fellow Olympian, Steve Backley OBE, as well as a property training programme, Perform in Property. In 2020, Roger and Steve also created an online personal development programme called Mindsetting

The Roger Black Fitness online shop launch in 2021 takes Roger back full circle to his fitness roots, based on a fundamental desire to help people of all ages and backgrounds keep moving and enjoy getting fit – not just for the physical benefits but also for positive mental health and wellbeing.  


Research Methodology:

Polling was conducted online by FTI Consulting from 25th to 26th March 2020 with n=2,000 respondents, representative of the UK adult general population (aged 18+ yrs. old).  

Results for both waves were weighted in terms of age, gender, location and voting behaviour to ensure representativeness. Market sizing data refers to the 2019 estimates from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), where the UK population aged 18+ is: 52,673,433. 

Following the convention for rounding, not all sums add up to 100%. For more information on the research methodology, contact dan.healy@fticonsulting.com